What do I do now?

img_20180809_0201459082053652550786636.jpgRecently, I came across a Call for Submissions for a series of novellas, that had me instantly interested. I emailed the publisher, gave them a vague idea about what I plan to write and got a deadline for September the 1st.

Procrastination is a writer’s biggest enemy, so I made sure, not to fall in that pit. Of course, stuff happened in my personal life and my first draft took around two months to be finished, instead of one. Then, a person who called himself “editor” appeared, and offered to edit for free. I didn’t think much, I just sent the first chapter to him. When he returned it, with all his notes and corrections, I had questions, and we decided to have a skype call to discuss. Once he heard my voice, he said that he doesn’t know me, he ended the call and blocked me from everywhere. If I understood right, he saw my gender on Facebook being “male”, and then he heard my voice being feminine, which confused him. Maybe he thought it was a fake profile. Who knows? The point is, I was even more confused from his comments on my manuscript.

“You write in past tense, don’t use verbs ending in -ing,“ he said.

Well, my mother tongue isn’t English, but I’m pretty sure, past continuous is a past tense.

This “advice” along with others, confused me so much, I started questioning my ability to write. I had to contact several native speakers of English. This fiasco delayed my editing process by five days. In the end I was able to self-edit my first draft and sent it to beta readers.

What do I do now? That feeling you get when you finish watching a TV series, and you must wait for the next season? Something like that. I must wait for the reviews, to go back to that manuscript.

In the meantime, I choose to start working on a new novel that’s been circling in my head for months. And by “working on”, I mean endless hours of researching medical conditions, medical dictionaries and cities I’ve never been before.

Another thing I decided, was to put all my characters in one sheet (ref. picture) and show how they all connect. That’s only for my own reference. All my MCs from different stories, connect, somehow. Oh! And keep all those character profiles in ONE PLACE! Sometimes, I find myself looking for a detail in a character, and I can’t remember which notebook encloses each character. So, yeah, all MCs in one place! Now, back to work.


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