My first rejection

Soon after I decided to start publishing my stories, a publisher was looking for novellas on a specific theme. Making a quick outline in my head, I started writing a spin-off to my novel. By the deadline, my novella was finished.

It was 4am (my personal 11:11) and I was at work, one month later, when I received the reply. Rejected! Even though I was expecting it, I remember my whole body shaking for hours. I tried to consume alcohol in order to calm down, but nothing. When I came to my senses I read the email again. These people read every word of my manuscript and gave me a detailed feedback. They pointed out where my story and writing were lacking, and gave me advice on how to improve. They also said that they I could rewrite and submit again.

After following their advice and made some research on the writing process, I realized that what I submitted then, was in fact a first draft. How embarrassing… I’m almost afraid to open the file and read it again.

I’ve been told that IF the publisher replies, it will be a brief, cold rejection letter with no explanation. I was lucky, because my first rejection, was the best kick-start to the writing world.

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