I’m looking at you, laughing. I want to break you into a thousand pieces. Stop. No. Don’t laugh. Don’t turn your back at me, asshole. I’m trembling, my heart races, and you laugh. Is that irony I see in your eyes? I want to make your pretty face unrecognizable.

Don’t look at them. Don’t let them look at you. Look at me. Only. Don’t you dare… My teeth grind. I want to stand up and land my fist on your face. I’ll lock you away… You’re only for me to see.

Don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk. Don’t you dare articulate another word. Your voice is only for me to hear.

I give you a cigarette. You pick it up and place it between your lips. You leave it there, staring at nothingness for a long minute. You snatch my lighter and bring it close to your face. You light it up and the flame illuminates your face. Every time you inhale, the glow of the burning tip, reveals your flaws. One flaw at the time.

So many details… I want to see everything. I want to know everything. I want to know the story of your every inch. Why is your skin so smooth on your neck? I want to touch it. Let me.

I want to be your cigarette. Need me for a while, take me in your mouth, and touch me with your lips. Burn me, inhale me until I reach your lungs, and spread my poison all the way to your brain. Need me.

Burn me to ashes and when you’re done, throw me on the ground. Throw me and step on whatever will be left of me. I’ll make sure to stuck on your shoe and go wherever you go.

Look at me! Don’t turn your back at me. Finally, you spare me a glance. A glance is enough to see your ugliness. How is it possible, all that beauty and ugliness to coexist in a single glance?

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