Who you are

Ten years of solitude, as expected, taught me a lot. And when I say “solitude” I don’t mean I was living in a cave, eating insects. No. I mean I holed myself in my shell and didn’t care what was happening outside. How can you understand the world if you don’t understand yourself? In the comfort of ignorance, I learned more about myself than I would in two lifetimes as a social human being.

Coming out of that shell was the biggest challenge I had to face in my life. I had to face the world. The world has never been more dull, monotone, and narrow before. I’m still struggling to adapt, and I don’t think I’ll ever achieve it – not that it matters. What shocked me the most, is that I’ve been so busy adapting, that I stopped developing as a person. Things that are obvious in my head, must be explained in detail while conversing with others, which tricked me into losing the point. The easiest thing to do is crawl back in the shell; back in my comfort, but what’s the benefit to that?

I forgot who I am, what I’ve achieved all these years. It’s like I was out of Plato’s cave, and in my attempt to socialize, teach, and learn more, I found myself unchained, staring at the freaking cave wall. I never stopped developing after all. Everything was part of my evolution. I announced an achievement of mine to a friend and his answer had me thinking. “Congratulations, I’m proud of you, but you have a lot more to give to the world.” Well, I wasn’t put on earth to survive for some years and then die a nobody. That much I know.

Can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

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