September 13th, 2018. I was at my day job (night job to be exact), 11pm when my phone binged a notification. New email. Without opening the mail, I could read the first sentence of the email: “Dear Dem, I am very pleased to say we are interested in publishing Barricades in….” aaand BOOM! My sight blurred and my hands started shaking so much, I couldn’t keep the phone steady. I put it down and breathed once, breathed twice, breathed deadly. I opened the email, screenshot it and send it to my husband, who called me back. We were screaming like crazy, unable to utter any words.

Six hours later I received the contract and by noon I had signed it. Within two days, I made sure to tell everyone who helped: alpha and beta readers, critique partner and proofreader. The psychological effects of my rejection lasted a day, while the effects of the first acceptance lasted almost a month.

Here I am today, almost a month later, almost the same person, almost sure of what kind of road I want to follow in my writing career, almost ready to start writing my next novel while it’s almost time to start editing my debut work with a professional editor. I’m almost excited, almost scared, but definitely ready for whatever is to follow.

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