September 13th, 2018. I was at my day job (night job to be exact), 11pm when my phone binged a notification. New email. Without opening the mail, I could read the first sentence of the email: "Dear Dem, I am very pleased to say we are interested in publishing Barricades in...." aaand BOOM! My sight … Continue reading Almost

My first rejection

Soon after I decided to start publishing my stories, a publisher was looking for novellas on a specific theme. Making a quick outline in my head, I started writing a spin-off to my novel. By the deadline, my novella was finished. It was 4am (my personal 11:11) and I was at work, one month later, … Continue reading My first rejection

What do I do now?

Recently, I came across a Call for Submissions for a series of novellas, that had me instantly interested. I emailed the publisher, gave them a vague idea about what I plan to write and got a deadline for September the 1st. Procrastination is a writer’s biggest enemy, so I made sure, not to fall in … Continue reading What do I do now?